Detroit: the Bees Knees?

The Motor City is awash in real estate news coverage. While some see Detroit as wreckage, others see infinite opportunity. Rather, highly unusual opportunity. Check out this unexpected quote about real estate plans from New Geography:

"Mitch and Gina have already been approached by some Germans who want to build a giant two-story-tall beehive." [emphasis added]

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Do they mean a beehive-shaped building, or an actual beehive? Regardless... where else but Detroit is this even thinkable?

Therein lies the honey-comb-shaped artistic revolution emerging for radical dreamers willing to endure poverty and harsh winters. Go to Michigan, young man!

The New Geography article does an amazing job of touching on some of the exciting, albeit somewhat theoretical, possibilities concerning the rebuilding of Detroit. These range from creating a city that can grow enough food to feed itself to an emerging and diverse class of esoteric artists, and yes, even beekeepers. (Detroit is receiving attention on the art scene. Check out the Heidelberg Project and the house in ice.)

Says the article, "To anyone with aspirations in this area, it is Detroit that offers the greatest opportunity to make your mark. It is the ultimate blank canvas. For urban agriculture and many other alternative urban dreams, it is Detroit, not New York City that is the ultimate arena in which to prove yourself."

The New York Times reports on a concerted effort to advertise to and attract the so-called "Creative Class" to Detroit, too.

But don't be mistaken: the reality of burning wreckage remains: Detroit had the most-searched home listing nationwide because people can't believe they can buy a house - even a bombed out wreck - for less than $1,500, and sometimes as little as $100! Detroit also had a recent Time magazine cover, under the angst-ridden headline "The Tragedy of Detroit".

So if you feel you can't afford rent in your city, check out Detroit. It somehow managed to make Forbes' "Safest Cities" list (!). You might be able to buy an entire house. Just remember to pack the long johns.
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