Can Vegan Chefs Survive in Cafe World?


Living a vegetarian lifestyle takes a firm commitment in not only changing the food that one consumes but also the choices one makes in their daily life. Making such choices in real-life is one thing but what about living up to the vegetarian ideal in a Facebook foodie game like Cafe World?

Early on in the game, there are some good clear choices for vegetarians with Super Chunk Fruit Salad, Triple Berry Cheesecake and French Onion Soup (we'll assume the soup is vegan since beef broth is not an ingredient in the in-game recipe) and level 3 offers up Caramel Apples, Chips and Guacamole and Pumpkin Pie. The next vegetarian plate doesn't arrive until level 15 with Tony's Classic Pizza. Level 45 adds Overstuffed Peppers (which appear to be rice and not beef-filled) and the final dish, Powdered French Toast, arrives at level 43.

Yet there's a problem. All the vegetarian items take up to 12 hours to complete with the non-vegetarian dish Homestyle Pot Roast take two days to cook and offers up the most XP and coins in the game. So living up to the vegan ideal is also hard in Cafe World as players would have to return every 12 hours to serve Pumpkin Pie or Triple Berry Cheesecake. Can it be done? Yes but leveling up and maintaining your view will prove to be yet another test of wills.

Cafe's World Vegetarian Friendly Items (food/cooking time)
Super Chunk Fruit Salad -- 15 minutes
French Onion Soup -- 4 hours
Triple Berry Cheesecake -- 12 hours
Chips and Guacamole -- 3 minutes
Caramel Apples -- 2 hours
Pumpkin Pie -- 12 hours
Tony's Classic Pizza -- 5 hours
Overstuffed Peppers -- 12 hours
Powered French Toast -- 20 minutes