10 Things I Learned from Jamie Drake

Interior designer Jamie Drake is big-time. He's worked with Madonna, New York's billionaire-mayor Michael Bloomberg, and other big-wigs. But would you believe he's renting and apartment? Well it's not forever, according to The New York Times it's just until his way-behind-schedule $6 million condo in West Chelsea's 200 Eleventh building (left) is ready for him to move in.

Since it's not often we get to peek into Rentals of the Rich and Semi-Famous, we took this opportunity to gather some take-homes from this design pro's rental stint.

What I Learned from Jamie Drake's Rental Apartment:

1. You can live LARGE in New York City with some cash: Drake's under-construction apartment will have an "en suite" car elevator where owners can drive right up to their apartment.

2. Don't spend $6 million on an apartment until it's done. Who wants to be in rental purgatory, tortured by the perpetually almost-finished apartment within view.

3. Find a rental on the 32nd floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and dark floors: They'll emphasize your view of the Chrysler Building.

4. Keep the color palette simple. Even color-pop-loving Drake, kept the colors to shades of white/silver with pops of green and blue.

5. Fill table tops with interesting accessories, make one colored and another oversize.

6. Even for a temporary arrangement, an interior designer is willing to spend $19,400 to decorate it for things like "paint, silk taffeta curtains and pillows, ceiling lights and the reupholstering of three pieces of furniture."

7. Paint the wall behind the bed a color to save on headboard and art.

8. In a pinch, a stack of coffee table books can serve as a side table.

9. Even interior designers shop online: Drake found the $500 flokati rug online.

10. Instead of trying to hide them, consider painting oddball architectural elements to call them out. Drake painted the two round pillars in front of the windows a shiny ice blue.

To read the full New York Times story and see a slideshow of Drake's apartment click here.
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