Raising the Home Bar

With proper cocktails enjoying a recent resurgence (thanks in part to the round-the-clock swilling on "Mad Men") living room bars are suddenly back in fashion. No room for an elaborate setup? No problem!

All it takes to pull off a sleek and stylish home bar is a well-edited selection of bottles, a few choice accessories, and a bit of creativity when it comes to the housing. Check out some of these outside-the-box ideas from around the web:

  • ReadyMade blog shows you how to turn an old steamer trunk (widely available in thrift stores and grandparents' attics) into an elegant rolling bar
  • TeaSquared shows how to convert an antique Victrola into a small-but-functional dry bar
  • ApartmentTherapy:LA features a brilliant bar conversion of a mid-century stereo cabinet (it's hard to remember those now that you can carry 10,000 songs in your pocket!)
  • And for traditionalists or non-DIY'ers, ApartmentTherapy also rounds up some off-the-shelf pieces that will keep your bottle collection nicely corralled

Now that your bar is set up, whip up a batch of
signature cocktails to further dazzle your guests!
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