Google kisses and makes up with book publishers


Google (GOOG), book authors and publishers had until midnight to provide a federal court with a plan to settle differences on how the search engine digitizes and charges for books. The group waited until the last minute to get its proposed settlement to the courthouse. The new agreement may address government concerns about Google's earlier settlement that gave it a virtual monopoly in the online digital book market.

Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers, filed a new version of the methods that Google will use to create an online library. An earlier deal had been challenged for potential violations of copyright law and antitrust provisions. The entire agreement and its proposed benefits to all parties was posted on the Google website. The search company promoted that settlement by saying "Today we're delighted to announce that we've settled that lawsuit and will be working closely with these industry partners to bring even more of the world's books online. Together we'll accomplish far more than any of us could have individually, to the enduring benefit of authors, publishers, researchers and readers alike."