Tiger's New Lair: Hook or Hole in One?

Tiger Woods, his lovely Swedish wife and their two Tiger cubs should be moving into their newly built house on Florida's Jupiter Island in the near future. But the design is not drawing rave reviews from the local media.

A Palm Beach Post blogger is comparing the structure to a Motel 6. Particularly with all those cars out front and little or no landscaping yet, it's hard to disagree that it lacks curb appeal.

El Tigre bought four adjacent properties on the tony island for a Martin County-record $44.5 million in 2006. He then tore down the existing homes on the 12 acres, including a classic Bahamas-style manse, raising a few local hackles.

The new 9,700-square-foot home is split between the living quarters (right on the photo above) and a gym (left side). Both sides will be connected with a glass-covered walkway, according to the blueprints.

In an informal poll of 5,500 readers/haters at page2live, 60 percent said the house was "too ugly" for Jupiter Island, part of Florida's hallowed "Treasure Coast."

wonders if the design makes a wry joke, as its design seems to be saying "Hi" to the sky above.

Woods is building the main house (shown below) with an elevator, a guesthouse, a guardhouse and boathouse on his 12-acre site, which stretches from the Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean.

One of Tiger's neighbors is former golfer Greg Norman. His home has been on the market since 2007, with no takers even at the reduced price of $47.5 million. He recently raised the price back up to $60 milllion. Brilliant!

Rumor has it that all the construction workers at the Woods' home had to sign confidentiality agreements. We think we see why.

Don't worry, we'll leave the light on for you!

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