Six Ways to Make Money in Mobsters 2: Vendetta


If you're a new mob boss in Playdom's Mobsters 2: Vendetta, you're going to need money to heal after fights, buy weapons and develop lots to use as fronts for your seething underworld empire. After getting 17 invites from friends to experience what the game had to offer, we decided to take the plunge. Our first task was to identify all the obvious (and not obvious ways that new players can earn money). Here's what we found.

Do Missions

Missions are the easiest way to earn money in Mobsters 2: Vendetta. Each character has a certain number of rechargeable energy points which are used to complete Missions. The rewards for completing those Missions includes Experience points, loot like guns and money.

Do Godfather Missions

The mission at the top of each Missions screen is known as the Godfather Mission. Consuming more energy than regular Missions, they also reward risk takers with more money, a lot more money. So if money's your goal, save your experience points for the bigger rewards and take a Godfather Mission.