Renters Are Talking About...

Bad landlords, mostly!

And our story of a bad landlord in Virginia who was put under house arrest in his slum-rental property inspired quite a debate. Some chimed in with an atta-boy, judge calling the landlord "the worst of mankind," while others blame the "nefarious" tenants who "crapped in the shed" and deriding them as "animals." Where do you stand?

And pet mini-pigs!

Yes, readers were fascinated by our story on the popularity of pocket-sized pigs. Some worried about "portable swine flu" (although they should worry more about the rug rat down the hall), and others wondered aloud how anyone could eat these "feeling, thinking, loving beings" and miraculously the debate spiraled into one carnivore's comment: "Hell, I'd probably even eat people if given the chance." We hope not. We did enjoy the mini-pig name suggestions, though: "Bacon Bits," "Piganini" and best of all, "Kanye West." What do you think?
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