Super Mario Bros for Wii or Super Mario Games for Free?

On Sunday, November 15, New Super Mario Bros for Wii will arrive in stores. It's like a super-charged version of the Mario games that everybody knows and loves and the entire game can be played with up to four people. Talk about social gaming...

Were you also aware that there are dozens of Super Mario Bros. clones that you can play on the Web for free? They're obviously not as quality as the real deal (and some are definitely better than others) but if you need to kill 10... 20.. 75 minutes at work, school, etc -- it's a great way to get in the mood to play the brand new Mario game on Wii.

Mario Adventure 2!

Paper Mario World

play free mario games:

Make Mario Up Game


Super Mario Power Coins

super  mario power coins

Mario Bros. Pipe Panic Game
play free mario games pipe panic

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