Home Winterizing on a Shoestring

Just in time for chilly Hurricane Ida blowing up the East Coast, LifeHacker has come out with a compliation of Cheap, Money-Saving Winterizing Moves Worth the Hassle.

The list includes several solutions appropriate for rented homes, including programmable thermostats and the bubble-wrap insulation we featured a couple of weeks ago.

It also features a far more stylish and less drastic measure: a simple door-draft stopper. Could it be that easy to up the temperature in your space by a few degrees? If you live in an older, drafty home, it just may be.

Buy one off the shelf, or follow NotMartha's lead and whip up your own stylish stopper to match your decor. And if that doesn't do the trick? Go even more low-tech and put on a sweater.

What about you? How far are you willing to go to stay warm - and save a buck - this winter?
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