Restaurant City Update: My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

It's Greek Week in Facebook game Restaurant City. We're naturally referring to a slew of brand new decorations that have peppered the game stores, including everything from Togas (toga! toga!) to a huge Pegasus statue that will welcome visitors before they enter your cookery. See a complete list of brand new items below:

restaurant city toga

New Clothing:

Goddess Top
1100 coins

Goddess Skirt
700 coins

1100 coins

Toga Bottom
700 coins

restaurant city greek week large ocean painting

Indoor Decor

Greek Table
750 coins

Greek Chair
650 coins

Large Shield
4500 coins

Large Ocean Painting

Greek Pot
500 coins

Column Divider
950 coins

Column Divider Block
1,200 coins

Golden Column
1,600 coins

White Stone Tile
30 coins

Greek Wallpaper
850 coins

restaurant city greek week pegasus statue

Outside Decor

Large Shield
600 coins

Small Fluffy Clouds
1,800 coins

Large Fluffy Cloud
2,500 coins

Greek Pot
700 coins

Hermes Statue
1,900 coins

Pegasus Statue
2,500 coins

Light Blue Banner
1,000 coins

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