MyReef 3D Lets You Roll With Your Aquarium


You don't have to be continuously connected to Facebook in order to check out your customized fish tank. MyReef 3D Aquarium for iPhone/iPod Touch lets players of FishVille, Happy Aquarium and other newly-fish obsessed players get a calming dose of swimming fish from their car, office or while waiting in that two hour line at the DMV.

While it lacks the experience point rushes of its fishy Facebook game peers, the game has just added five new colorful breeds (now 19 total), a portrait mode and an option to play your own music from your iPod playlist. Or, of course, you can plug into a charging station and kick back with a new mini-aquarium.

First, the details on the fish, in-tank items like coral and plants is simply amazing. For those who prefer to customize their tanks, eight backgrounds and eight sand types for the bottom of the tank do drastically change the look.. The in-tank items and even gives the user control of where those items are placed. Tapping on the tank and feeding are done by choosing a menu that the user brings up when needed. Oddly, we really enjoyed the Light Off option that lets you dim the lights on the scene.

To test how real it looked, we presented Candy, the test cat with My Reef 3D. At first, she was unsure about the game but quickly grew accustomed to watching several fish float by. While she didn't attempt to claw them, she too enjoyed the visuals and asked for more play time after the test period.

So there you have it. Silky-smooth motion and photograpic style visuals make MyReef 3D Aquarium about as real as it gets without tank cleanings, dead fish or fish smell. As a perk for impulse shoppers buying MyReef 3D Aquarium looking to make the dive, it's available for a limited time $0.99 price tag through the App Store.

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