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Hotels are soo last year. Everybody is renting vacation homes these days. According to a new report by HomeAway, Inc., 87 percent of those who looked into vacation rentals in the past, plan to stay in one again in 2010. A 20 percent increase in results from 2009.

What's so great about renting a home? Well, it can often be cheaper if you have a large party. And it's usually more private: Sometimes you can get a pool, kitchen, and living space all to yourself (like at this waterfront Antiqua rental).

We did a quick analysis to see what you can get for your money.

The Carribean: Antiqua
This cute waterfront three bedroom cottage (pictured above) on Jolly Harbor in Antiqua sleeps seven and rents for $1,722 to $2,296 a week depending on the season. Based on the high-season rate, that's $328 a person (or $47 a day) for a week's vacation. Not too shabby.

The Wine Country: Sonoma County, Ca.

Stay on a 70-acre winery in a Civil War era farmhouse that sleeps 7 for $625 a night. The house has four bedrooms, 2 baths, a gourmet kitchen, and sits along the Sonoma River. That breaks down to $90 a night per person which is a little steep, but since it sits across from the winery's tasting room, that means no drunk driving home.

The Bayou: New Orleans, La.
This historic, 5 bedroom, 3 bath home sleeps 10 and is a steal at $300 a night (weekends). That's just $30 a person! For a whole dang house! Sounds like you should round up some friends and get to Mardi Gras. The catch is that you'll have to rent a car since it's just outside of New Orleans, but still only 5 miles from the famous Cafe du Monde.

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