Foreclosures slow in the hardest-hit states, but jump in several others


The number of foreclosures remain high in the four states that top the list -- Nevada, California, Florida and Arizona -- but the trend appears to be moving in their favor. All four saw declines in their foreclosure filings from September to October, according to RealtyTrac's October 2009 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. Arizona, Florida and Nevada even saw fewer foreclosure filings year-over-year compared to October 2008.

Nationwide for the third consecutive month, foreclosure filings dropped. These filings, which include default notices, scheduled foreclosure auctions and bank repossessions, totaled 332,292 in October 2009, a decrease of 3% from September. That does represent an increase of 19% from October 2008, but foreclosure moratoriums were starting at that time and continued to build through the end of the year. So, year-over-year comparisons may make things look worse than they are through the end of 2009.