Need help releasing an album? Vicky Emerson does it herself


These days it take a lot lot of business savvy to get noticed in the music world. But of course, ultimately you want to be able to focus on the craft of making music. In our ongoing look at how to make it in the music business today, WalletPop sat down with up-and-coming star Vicky Emerson to discuss how she created her own music business, and how important it is to balance creating music with managing your business.

Frustrated at the hardships indie artists face recording and promoting their own music, Emerson decided to try a different route. After being bombarded with fan e-mails and sometimes even letters offering financial assistance, the young Americana singer set up a series of CD Sponsorship Events around the country, raising $10,000 in four weeks to record and self-release her new album Long Ride. She continues to raise funds to promote her album through the intimate sponsorship parties. Emerson represents a growing trend in American music. If the desire for your product is strong enough, there's always a way to feed the public, especially if you're willing to take the jump.