Black Friday: Target offers $3 appliances and gift card bonuses

Target's Black Friday ad has leaked, and there's definitely a reason that its ad is one of the most anticipated each year. This year there are several great door-buster deals, including $3 kitchen appliances and some of the closest prices to our Black Friday predictions we've seen so far.

Even though HDTV's, toys and computers are some of the biggest Black Friday draws, Target is making a bid to take over the kitchens of frugal shoppers with a selection of $3 kitchen appliances from Chefmate. The rumored $3 appliances include a 12-cup coffeemaker, sandwich maker, toaster and slow cooker.

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But just because Target is cutting the culinary costs doesn't mean you won't see other great deals like:
  • $97 Tom Tom GPS ($40 off lowest online price as of Nov. 11)
  • $449 40" 1080P Apex HDTV and $246 30" Westinghouse 720P HDTV
  • $69 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive
  • $10 toys and board games
  • Numerous discounts on clothing, including 50% off select sweaters, scarves and vests
While many of these prices are already good deals, Target is also offering a $10 gift card for every $100 spent from 5 a.m. to noon on Black Friday. If you have other shopping to do at Target this can cut the cost of the 40" HDTV to just over $400 and add up on many other purchases. There are also specific gift card bonuses of up to $30 for purchasing iPods, a Nintendo DS bundle and other video games.

Will you be heading to Target for cheap kitchen appliances and gift card bonuses on Black Friday?
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