An Apple a Day, the Hard Way

Nothing captures the taste of fall more perfectly than a crisp, juicy apple. The only way to improve that experience? With booze, of course! Hard apple cider is enjoying a comeback this season, with small-batch and artisanal brews being paired with food as you would a fine wine.

You can even make your own at home with little more than a jug of cider and a couple of bucks' worth of home-brewing tools - a fun, low-cost weekend project that doesn't require the space that a typical brewing setup would.

The good stuff is a far cry from the mass-market fizzy apple juice you may have tried in the past - scout specialty beer shops to find a brand made with proper cider apples rather than good ol' American eating apples (which, despite what the cartoons may lead you to believe, ain't what Johnny Appleseed was planting back in the day!).

Mmmm - just the thing to wash down a hot apple cider donut!
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