What's your best coupon tip?

Readers really responded to my couponing video and a lot of them shared some great tips. Among the best...

LM says it is a waiting game:
trick stores use ... the coupons are in the weekend paper -- but if you clip and wait -- those same items go on sale in the stores the following week ... thereby upping the savings ante.

Gina's secret is being a member of swaggrabber.com:
I've been a member of www.swaggrabber.com for a few months and LOVE it. This site is like the others mentioned in the article but has webbychat and forums for listings of major bargains. I've reduced my Kroger bill by at least 28% since I started watching the coupons and specials -- I can't shop just for specials, I still add the meat and dairy things. One time I even topped 48% off with coupons for everything I bought! Good luck everyone with couponing! btw... I use the clip and store and the insert method -- I have the inserts as back-ups in my car in a binder, in case I find a really good deal and want to stock up right then. :)
Briana has a tip to save time:
To save time, I would suggest NOT clipping all the coupons but using the weekly insert method which only requires you to clip before you shop! This is what I've done for the past three days and makes it so much easier!
Stephanie says clipping two coupons can save you 90%:
When the coupons say they can't be combined it usually means with other coupons from the manufacturer. Stores can combine the manufacturer's coupons with their own if they choose to. Also, you can use a coupon for each item you buy, so for example when she bought two Pert shampoos she was able to use two coupons. Sometimes stores will even double the coupons for you.

My grocery store does double coupons every day. There are times when items are buy one get one free and you can combine the bogo offer with two coupons, each of which gets doubled. So say my store had 100 calorie packs on sale for bogo. Normally I would pay $5 for two packs. With the sale the price is $2.50 since one is free. If I also had two coupons worth 50-cents each, my store would double them so each coupon would be worth $1. I could use two coupons since I was buying two packs. After redeeming the two coupons, worth $1 each, my total would only be 50 cents. I would've gotten $5 worth of food for 50 cents. That's a 90% savings. I'd say it's worth clipping two coupons.
What is your best coupon tip?
It can be about how you organize them, what websites you get great coupons from, which stores have the best coupon policies, or how you remember to bring the coupons to the store with you (my biggest issue with clipping). Spill it and help others save!
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