Three Industries, Thousands of Jobs

hiringUnemployment in the U.S. took a turn for the worse in October, jumping above the 10% mark for the first time since 1983. While that is sure to send shivers down your job-searching spine, there is a bright side - employers hired 34,000 temporary workers in October and manufacturing overtime was up. Some sectors are even hiring!

All this is according to IHS Global Insight, which analyzes the government's monthly employment report. First, the bad part - people are still losing their jobs - 190,000 of them in October, but that's nearly 100,000 less than analysts were predicting. The biggest losses were in manufacturing, construction, retail trade and leisure/hospitality.

There are jobs if you're looking in the right places. Healthcare added nearly 30,000 folks to the payrolls in October. There's also growth in education - to the tune of 11,000 jobs in October. The stimulus package seems to be creating jobs in the federal government - the U.S. hired 16,000 in October.

All of this is in addition to the 34,000 temporary workers employers are adding to the payrolls for the holiday shopping season. Sure, you might have to schlep it part time and work on Black Friday, but you'll collect a little extra holiday cash, and anything helps right now. There's also the potential to be hired on full time after the New Year if things pick up and you make a good impression.

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