No more Starbucks - we can't afford it

Starbucks cupEvery morning my husband and I drive through Starbucks and get a latte. Great way to start the day. I can sip a Venti most of the morning.

After looking at our budget, however, we found it was time to evaluate this little habit. Our daily stop was costing close to $8 per day or almost $250 per month. When the economy was great and my business was booming, I rarely gave the money a thought. In fact, I thought I "deserved" this little luxury because I worked so hard.I know I'm aging myself, but I remember when a cup of coffee cost a quarter. Somewhere along the line, we were sold on getting basically the same beverage, "designer" style, for a lot more money. And Starbucks did it right. A consistent drink at every store, a convenient drive through and pleasant ambiance with WIFI available. Starbucks became the place to meet; for friends, business and to get a caffeine fix.

I always thought it was pretty slick; selling a legal, addictive substance, that people had to have everyday. I would love to have a business that worked that way. Unfortunately, I don't, and my business is slow.

So we are cutting out the daily stop. We will return to making our coffee at home and packing it in a "to go" cup to take to work. I figure a pound of coffee will last us a month or more with a net savings of more than $200 a month. That is a lot of money and will help pay the bills.

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