Massucci's Take: McDonald's Monopoly winner gets a sweet $1 million


Anyone who has ever gone on a Big Mac binge in hopes of winning the $1 million prize in the McDonald's Monopoly game may be feeling a little more hopeful. Brandi Futch, of White House, Tenn., collected both Boardwalk and Park Place (the two pieces needed to win) after she ordered a McChicken sandwich, fries and a sweet tea. The big prize came on that sweet cup of tea.

Futch, 23, who couldn't be immediately reached by DailyFinance, works in customer service for the Grand Ole Opry and will receive $50,000 a year for the next 20 years. It may not be enough to retire on, especially after taxes, but it's enough to take care of most of her needs.

"I'm still in shock," Futch was quoted saying in a McDonald's (MCD) press release. "I haven't decided what I'll do with the money I've won, but I know that a new house and car are on my list." Even with her $1 million prize, Futch said she plans to keep playing the game.