Madoff's victims: Justice may take an eternity (or 150 years, give or take)


In the wake of news that Bernard Madoff's associate and pal Jeffrey Picower (pictured) was found dead in his Palm Beach swimming pool last month, the revelation that Picower had left his wife Barbara $200 million and appointed her to head a charitable foundation funded with his estate's assets from his estate won't satisfy any Madoff victims' lust for vengeance. Nor, most likely, will the strange detail that Madoff's 17 Rolex watches are heading to the auction block on Saturday.

Picower's attorney denies claims by court-appointed bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard that Picower was complicit in the fraud. Still, some Picower money, and the proceeds from Madoff's auction, will eventually go toward restitution for Madoff's victims. But that's chump change. Madoff, after all, swindled his victims out of $65 billion.