Google gives away free WiFi at airports for the holidays

GoogleGoogle wants you to stay connected while you are doing your holiday traveling this year, so it has teamed up with Boingo Wireless to provide travelers with free WiFi at 47 airports across the U.S. until January 15. In addition to offering free WiFi access in the airports, Google is also working with GoGo, an in-flight WiFi provider, to provide free Internet access on Virgin America flights for the holidays.

The list of participating airports include many larger destinations such as Miami, Boston and Las Vegas, as well as regional hubs like Toledo, Ohio. Combined, these 47 airports provide service to 500 million travelers a year. One-upping this limited-time promotion, Burbank and Seattle airports will continue the free WiFi indefinitely, which will come in handy during the 70 minutes of free time, on average, that most travelers spend in an airport.

You don't need a Google account or any other credentials to use the free wireless at participating airports. The only thing Google asks in return is that you consider donating to one of the following charities; Engineers Without Borders, the One Economy Corporation or the Climate Savers Computing. After connecting to the free service, you will be presented with an option to donate and have your gift matched by Google up to $250,000. The airport that brings in the most donations will also receive $15,000 to donate to a local charity of its choice.

Still need more from Google? As part of the free WiFi promotion it is also giving away prizes for to people who send in pictures of themselves using the free wireless service in a participating airport or on board a Virgin America flight. No word on specific prizes, but you can bet it will have the Google logo somewhere on it.
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