FarmVille Magic Tools: The Ultimate Cheat for Lazy Farmers

farmville magic tools farmville hacks
farmville magic tools farmville hacks

One of the biggest searches related to FarmVille this week is "FarmVille Magic Tools." After doing some research, we discovered that this is not a cool new feature in the game, but a popular hack that virtual farmers are using to farm faster, which means earning coins and experience faster.

What does FarmVille Magic Tools Do?

In essence, this hack will help you harvest, plow and plant crops in the game faster. You will also be able to harvest trees and animals with a single click.

How does FarmVille Magic Tools Work?

To use FarmVille Magic Tools, download the .zip file onto your Desktop. The .zip file contains a text file and the Magic Tools program (a simple .exe file). Double click on the .exe file and it will launch. Then open FarmVille in another window. Scroll all the way out in FarmVille, then drag and drop the cow in Magic Tools over your farm. Then select Magic Plow Tool, Magic Plant Tool and Magic Harvest Tool and ripe crops will automatically be harvested, plowed and seeded.

The hack also has an option to automatically Harvest/Collect for trees and animals. Just select a tree/animal and all of the harvesting will be done with a single click.

Based on comments about the cheat, you've got about a 70/30 chance of this working, and people seem pleased with the results. See the hack in action in the YouTube video below.

Keep in mind that using these hacks will put you at risk for losing your FarmVille account, so proceed with caution.

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The real question is: how do you feel about cheating in social games? Do you care if other people cheat? Let us know in the comments below.

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