Bribes Cut from Mafia Wars Moscow

No one likes taxes but when Mafia Wars players got to Moscow, they got something even worse -- bribe penalties. Basically, the local officials are willing to look the other way after you've completed a job... as long as you give them a cut of the goods. While the money-rich streets of Mafia Wars' New York are flush with cash, Moscow's always had a cashflow problem. There's less money moving around and items, armor and businesses often take days to purchase due to their high prices. Adding on an bribe penalty just made matters worse (although bribes are still a part of Mafia Wars Cuba).

On Wednesday, the Mafia Wars team announced that it removed the bribe penalty from Mafia Wars Moscow and tweaked the values of Moscow businesses. What changes were made to businesses? Zynga and the Mafia Wars team didn't list them but as of this morning, Mafia Wars Facebook Guide reports a cash increase of over three times the normal daily rate. A welcome change for those struggling to get through Moscow.

The changes, says Zynga, were based on the suggestions of Mafia Wars players. While that may be true, we wonder if the changes are also based on getting players leveled up ready for what comes after Moscow. Mafia Wars Bangkok arrives during Holiday 2009.

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