Facebook Fires A Warning Shot at Social Game Makers


Fishville, now back online after a spending its first weekend in the dark, was disabled by Facebook after more questionable direct marketing ads showed up in the brand new aquarium game from Zynga.

"To ensure users were protected, we suspended FishVille while we work with Zynga and its ad networks to investigate the ads. The application will be suspended until we're satisfied that Zynga demonstrates compliance with our restrictions - as well as their own restrictions - on the ads it offers users," a Facebook rep said in a press statement.

While this is targeted at Zynga, specifically, this also sends a strong message to other companies who make games for Facebook -- better keep your business on the level or you might lose access to Facebook's 175 million+ users. For a company that relies on the social network to keep their business afloat, that can be problematic.

[Via San Francisco Business Times]