How to Build a Dream Closet in Pet Society

Some say the kitchen is the most important room in a house, but Pet Societyholics know the closet is the true heart of a fashionista's home. Where else do you spend so much quality time with yourself as you ponder the question, "What will I wear today?"

Organizing a wardrobe is one of the most difficult design challenges in Pet Society, but we'll show you how to build a fabulous closet worthy of Stella McCartney.

1) Go to an empty room and open your wardrobe.You'll see all your clothes at the bottom.The screen will zoom in on your pet.Click Zoom Out (blue button) so you'll have more space to play with.

pet society closet how to build

2) Click on an item of clothing and place it on the wall.A hook and hanger will automatically appear when you release the clothing.This works for shirts, pants, dresses and skirts.(Shoes, hats and other accessories can't be hung.More on that later.)

3) If you're a shopaholic and have hundreds of clothes, don't worry about hanging up everything.The goal here is to make a pleasing display. Avoid clutter if you want your closet to look like a Soho boutique and not the half-off sales rack at T.J. Maxx. Leave about half the room free for shelves.

4) Now that you've hung up your clothes, it's time to show off your boots and bling. Go to the DIY shop for some shelves.If you've got the dough, splurge on the 2400-coin Dark Choc TV Storage. Budget-conscious trendsetters can opt for the glassy Modern Triple Shelf or the S-Curved Shelf (550 coins each). Grab a couple of pieces of Dark Choc Shelf (100 coins or 60 for the short piece) or the Simple Shelf (50 coins or 30 for short) for knickknacks.

5) Back home, open your chest and place the shelves in the room.Then close the chest, and open your wardrobe again.Click Zoom Out.Set your accessories on top of the shelves.Use the shorter shelves to display an especially stunning hat, purse, or a tall vase of colorful blooms.

Additional Tips:

Remember that in order to move an item of clothing from one spot to another, you'll need to open your wardrobe. Be sure to click Zoom Out so that you can see the entire room.

If you want to move a shelf, you'll need to open your chest. You can move a full shelf to another part of the room, without dismantling all the accessories on top.

If you don't have a lot of clothing, fill up the extra space with flowers or an elegant mirror. Whatever your situation, an organized closet will make even last year's duds look fresh off the runway.

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