News Corp. to boycott Google? Don't make me laugh (or wear a dress)


A lot of publishers have been making angry noises recently about news aggregators, which have been profiting from content they played no part in creating while the content producers themselves go begging. But no publisher has yet shown the slightest willingness to take the incredibly simple step that would disrupt this state of affairs: block Google (GOOG) from indexing its stories.

Until now.

Of course it would be Rupert Murdoch, that pugnacious iconoclast, vowing to lead the charge. In a recent interview with his own Sky News Australia, the News Corp. (NWS) chairman said his company's news sites will most likely make their stories invisible to Google once they've adopted a pay-to-read model, something he has promised is coming. Murdoch says he's willing to sacrifice the millions of clicks his websites get from Google News and Web searches if it will help persuade readers to subscribe to, and, to name a few.