Nelson George on "Good Hair" and

Nelson GeorgeNelson George, executive producer of Chris Rock's controversial documentary now out in theaters, "Good Hair," talks about how the film exposes the global business and religious resources behind popular black hairstyles. Watch the video interview with George, an esteemed cultural critic, to find out why Beyonce has a religious ceremony in India to thank for her hair extensions.

George is also busy launching, a new site funded by American Airlines that provides tips and personal insight about touring the world, from an African-American perspective. BlackAtlas highlights the hottest destinations in the world, pointing out stores, hangouts, beauty salons (for the good hair) that black tourists should be aware of in planning their trips.

"We're trying to build an online community," says George. "Black travelers want to know...what's the vibe towards black people in this particular place?"

Not all capitals of the world made it onto George's travel list for BlackAtlas. "Moscow has a very terrible reputation for racism right now." So Moscow got skipped.

"The whole idea of where you go to be comfortable is very important for people," says George.

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