Drive like a millionaire ... in a 1993 Ford Taurus

The Onion, a leading satire website, has been one of the funniest websites in the world for a long time, but every once in awhile, there's a bit of serious financial wisdom in its content.

In the video below, a "Ford vice president" Daniel Grossman announces Ford's "new vision for the future of automobiles in America -- the car for the modern age, the 1993 Ford Taurus." All you need is $650 in cash.

The video's funny, but here's the truth: If your goal is to be rich, you'll have a lot more in common with a rich person by driving a 1993 Ford Taurus than you will by leasing or financing any other car.

Here's why: According to research in Dr. Thomas J. Stanley's new book Stop Acting Rich, millionaires drive all kinds of cars -- the most popular being an entry-level Toyota. Some drive Mercedes, Volvos, and BMWs, but the overwhelming majority of millionaires have one thing in common: When they buy a car, they pay with cash.

If you need a car and want to avoid debt, you may be able to drive something that's less of a punchline than a 1993 Ford Taurus (but if not, that's OK too!). Check out Consumer Reports' list of the best used cars by price range, starting at under $4,000.

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