Errbody on the Block Gettin' Thrifty

You now have more competition for that vintage sofa you've been eying at Goodwill. According to Brandweek, a recent study revealed the recession's causing a rise in popularity of second-hand goods. Sixty-seven percent of the National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops' members polled said their sales increased an average 33 percent in the third quarter of this year. And 81 percent saw an increase in new customers. In contrast, retail sales during that period rose a mere 0.2 percent.
Given the recession, those results aren't surprising. And in a Lightspeed online survey of 1,000 adults, eight out of 10 said they were buying secondhand to save money.

"We're seeing a shift in values. People want to be perceived as smarter shoppers who look for great economic value, plus we're absolutely seeing increased awareness about using what exists in the world today," said Amy Skoczlas Cole, director eBay Green Team. It's currently hip to be thrifty. Only four percent of the consumers surveyed by Lightspeed cited charitable motivation, and three percent named green motivations.

Looking for more resources for secondhand shopping?

There's a lot more out there than eBay and Craigslist. We just told you about the new borrowing trend happening online and we've also culled some of the great online resources for thrifting, but if you still want new goods, try looking for home goods on these sample sale sites.
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