A Pig in Every Purse

If your lease stipulates that you can have pets weighing up to a certain amount, forget the designer dog. According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, the hottest new pet craze is the mini-pig!

The apartment-sized porkers max out at about 14 inches and 65 pounds, with some even smaller. They're hypoallergenic, apparently very clean, and easily house-trained.

Mini-pigs are said to be very affectionate and sociable, with a dog-like love of food and toys. Plus, they crave human companionship, which is probably more than you can say for your cat.

Rupert Grint and (of course) Paris Hilton are early-adopters of the trend, and now Victoria Beckham has surprised husband David with a pair of the teacup-sized cuties as an early Christmas present. He's calling them Elton and David in honor of Elton John and his partner; though Posh is pulling for Pinkie and Perky. I think we can guess who'll win that battle.

Not ready to make the leap into pig parenthood? Start small(er) with this adorable mini-pig Blackberry theme.
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