1 million strollers recalled by Maclaren after reports of severed fingers

strollerA decade's worth of Maclaren strollers -- 1 million in all -- are being recalled following reports of a dozen childrens' fingertips being lopped off after getting caught in the hinges, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said today.

The injuries occurred when the strollers were being opened or closed. Maclaren strollers are among the most widely used in the country.

"Strollers are mechanical products not unlike bicycles or automobiles and have scissor or pinch points that cannot be eliminated," Maclaren writes on its FAQ about the recall. "Never use your hands to open or close the stroller – they are engineered to be operated by foot. Operators should always read the operating instructions before use - don't force the mechanisms - stop and check the instructions."
The CPSC is urging parents to stop using any Maclaren umbrella stroller purchased since 1999 until they obtain a repair kit to cover the hinges. Maclaren says on its site that it is OK to keep using the strollers as long as parents take care to ensure their children are not near it when it is being opened or closed.

Maclaren is a British company, with U.S. operations based in Connecticut. The strollers were made in China.

UPDATE: The company sent the following statement to WalletPop along with a video (below) that shows the proper technique for opening and closing the strollers.

"It's important to note that all umbrella strollers regardless of manufacturer have the same inherent hinge design in the opening/folding mechanism. Based upon the 12 incidents reported we felt it was best to raise consumer awareness to this potential problem and have developed the child proof solution in cooperation with the CPSC. "

All the recalled strollers have the brand name "Maclaren" printed on them. The following models, including single and double strollers, are subject to the recall:
  • Volo
  • Triumph
  • Quest Sport
  • Quest Mod
  • Techno XT
  • TechnoXLR
  • Twin Triumph
  • Twin Techno
  • Easy Traveller
The strollers were sold at large retail outlets and juvenile products stores between 1999 and November 2009 for $100-$360. Babies R Us and Target are two of the biggest retailers that sold the strollers.

"Maclaren USA's Umbrella Strollers meet all U.S. ASTM & JPMA compliance standards. These certifications guarantee our umbrella strollers meet the maximum safety standards available," the company posted to its web site. "The voluntary recall is to alert the operator when opening or closing the stroller of the possible risk of injury."

Safety is our first priority and through this voluntary effort we urge consumers to contact us immediately to obtain the kit which consists of hinge covers designed specifically to fit all Maclaren strollers."

To get the free repair kit, which is a simple snap-on cover, contact Maclaren USA weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time at (877) 688-2326 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit Maclaren's recall site. No proof of purchase is necessary.

The CPSC also has a video about the recall. You can watch it here.
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