Lots more coupons coming to WalletPop!


I'm a new blogger at WalletPop and my name is Julia. My goal is to post the best coupons for all the everyday stuff you buy, like groceries, clothes, and meals out. The little stuff ads up, after all!

When I'm not sharing coupons on WalletPop, I'm searching for strategies to save money on household bills, seasonal events, and travel. Check out my daily savvy-spending tips at BargainBabe.com.

Before I was a blogger I wrote for the Los Angeles Daily News, the New Jersey Star Ledger and the Jersey Journal.

I learned to be frugal from my parents, who didn't have a choice. When I was little my dad made wooden recorders (yep, you heard me right) and my mom worked part-time so she could stay home with me and my two sisters. We drove a beat-up white Saab and ate at restaurants like, 11 times in my entire childhood.

My parents passed on a lot of good money habits -- including how to be uptight with my credit card and pay it off every month -- but they never clipped coupons. So couponing is a habit I have learned through trial, error, and extremely patient frugal friends.

Clipping coupon is not easy, mostly because it requires vigilance and organization, but it's not that hard, either. Together I hope we can learn tips to make the most from coupons and save ourselves a lot of money!