Mafia Wars Tips & Hints: Eight Ways to Get Experience Points


Early on, new players of Mafia Wars discover the true value of experience. While the first few levels are easy to pass through, jumping up in later levels means that players have to wait a day or sometimes several times before they get enough experience. With a complex game like Mafia Wars, there are several strategies and places where you may have not considered looking for additional experience points.

1) Do Jobs

The most obvious way to earn experience points in Mafia War is by using up your energy to do jobs. The obvious strategy here is that if your goal is to level up, using the lowest amount of energy to gain the most experience points is what you should do. Of course, use the remaining energy points for other jobs that you haven't mastered yet.

2) Help Friends with Jobs

As your mafia list grows, friends and contacts will often send updates to your Facebook wall in order to ask for help with their jobs. While you only have a short time before others help (only 25 friends can accept the offer), helping will give you several experience points for little effort.