Guy Makes $83K a Year Wearing a T-Shirt

jason sadlerHere's a creative solution to the economic downturn -- let people pay you to wear their swag.

Jason Sadler, 26, sells companies the opportunity for him to wear their company's shirt for a day. He charges what he calls "face value", meaning January 1st costs $1 and December 31st costs $365. It might not sound like a ton of cash, but it adds up to $66,795 on a sold out calendar. He then sells monthly sponsorships adding upwards of $18,000 to his take home.

It may seem like one of those ridiculous ideas that would never actually work, but last year Jason made $83,000. According to, the average US take home was $32,000.

Here's the best part. In true entreprenuerial style, Jason's hiring on the west coast of the United States to expand his fledgling company's reach. Time to start bombarding his website with that Emurse resume. Make sure to mention how awesome your farmer's tan is in the cover letter!

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