FishVille Bubbles Up on Facebook


Back in October, reported that Zynga, known for games such as FarmVille, YoVille, and Cafe World, had trademarked the term "FishVille." Today, the company launched the game based on the trademark. Just as Facebook players are enjoying the new found popularity if Happy Aquarium, My Fishbowl and Fish World, it seems like the Zynga's late to the party. Inside Social Games already is asking How Big Will This Virtual Aquarium Game Get.

Similar to other games in the aquarium games genre, FishVille tasks the player with buying eggs, feeding hatched fish and selling them. In our first few minutes of the game, we've already seen a few differences. First, smaller fish require more constant feedings (two times in five minutes), and while hungry fish show their needs via thought bubbles, other fish may eat the food before it before it floats down. Thankfully, food is free.

Similar to the gameplay of Zynga's Cafe World, players go to the store and purchase eggs for various types of fish that take various lengths of time to mature. Once matured, scooping the fish is all that's required to get paid. Experience Points, used to level up in the game, is gained by adding new eggs and selling fish. One nice new feature we noticed is the ability to operate up to three fish tanks at a time.

Even with FishVille's relatively late arrival, it's worth checking out, especially for players of other aquarium games that feel slow in comparison.

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