FarmVille Introduces the Garden Shed


Late Thursday night, Farmville released a round of new updates. Although none of these updates included the highly anticipated 22 x 22 and 24 x 24 land expansions or the much needed Vaulting system, one new feature seemed to temporarily pacify the Expansionists.

The Garden Shed, a new functional building, was introduced to the FarmVille Market as another building with purpose. The Garden Shed joins the Dairy Farm as the two current buildings that do more than just decorate your farm. It can be purchased for 30,000 coins or 30 FV$.

If you are wondering why you haven't seen the Garden Shed it's because only a select group of FarmVille users currently have the privilege of accessing the Garden Shed and its features. So what can we expect from the Garden Shed?

The Garden shed combines several features making it the most functional item in FarmVille. First, it allows you to save "perfect bunches" of flowers. While harvesting crops of flowers, you will be notified that you've harvested a "perfect bunch". You may save up to 30 bunches. In addition to storing these flowers, you may also choose to use them to decorate your own farm or gift them to your FarmVille neighbors! Finally, for those that do not have a Garden Shed or do not want to store perfect bunches, there will be an option for you to post a notice into your Facebook newsfeed which will make the flowers available to your neighbors in the same way that adoptable animals work.

For now, Expansionists and Team Vault will have to wait as Zynga continues to work on these issues and makes promises of "Coming Soon."

Angela Morales, aka the FarmGoddess, runs, a blog covering news, tips and other info about the Facebook game FarmVille.