Droid takes Manhattan: 100-plus lined up at midnight for new Motorola phone


Some pieces of news are worth mentioning only in passing because they are interesting, but may not mean a thing. CNET says that over 100 people lined up at midnight to be early buyers of the new Motorola (MOT) Droid handset at a Verizon (VZ) store in Manhattan. The store in Herald Square had 500 phones in stock to meet the early demand.

The Droid is Motorola's answer to the Apple (AAPL) iPhone and Palm (PALM) Pre. Wall Street is hopeful that the Droid will lift the handset maker's fortunes, and has driven Motorola stock up over 30 percent in three months. After three years of lean sales since Motorola's flagship RAZR phone went out of style, the company may have a hit again. But one day's sales do not a trend make.