Buy and Sell Boyfriends in the New Sorority Life Update


Listen up, Sorority sisters. Have you ever wished that you could use a J Crew catalog to buy clothes, shoes and a perfect boyfriend? While that's not likely to happen in real life, you can now buy and sell boyfriends in Sorority Life for MySpace and Facebook.

To acquire a new boyfriend (for yourself and the rest of your housemates), hit the Glam tab at the top of the screen. Once you arrive, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the boyfriends are listed. We're at level 8, so we had two options to pick from -- Fletcher the Frat Boy and Serge the Foreign Exchange student. These boyfriends each cost $600 and in addition to providing your sorority with arm candy, also add to your overall charm and popularity scores, which are vital to winning fights against rivals.

sorority life boyfriends
sorority life boyfriends

If you're tired of having too many boys around -- you can simply sell off your boyfriends for half the cost -- $300. We've seen other boyfriends out there as well (which cost a lot more), so we're assuming that means you'll unlock more options as your influence grows.

All this talk about buying and selling boyfriends sounds a little ... wrong, amirite? Then again, we'll do whatever it takes to be the queen bee of the sorority social scene.

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