Save Big on Black Friday

It's time to start the countdown to the most magical day of the year. No, no - not that one. Black Friday, of course! The mother of all shopping days takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and this year's economic slump has stores more determined than ever to get bodies (and the accompanying wallets) through their doors.

Although the ads are meant to be released only a week before the big day, circulars for the major retailers inevitably get leaked a month early or more. Once it's out there in the public domain, why not take the opportunity to do a little advance planning for your holiday shopping assault?

The web is not only buzzing with activity and searches for "Black Friday ads," there are dozens (if not hundreds!) of blogs dedicated solely to the topic. Take a peek at some of these top-ranked results, or try your luck with your own search. With Black Friday frenzy kicking into high gear, you won't have to search far.

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