Offerpal Ditches Potty-Mouthed CEO


When you're asked a question by TechCrunch's founder Michael Arrington, one would imagine that pausing, collecting your thoughts and answering the posed question in an intelligent manner isn't a hard formula to follow. Yet, when Offerpal's CEO was asked by Arrington about her company's dealings with scam offers during last week's Virtual Goods Summit in San Francisco, Anu Shukla referred to his insights as "sh*t, double sh*t and bullsh*t."

The reply, which caused a firestorm of questions from tech and financial reporters who started questioning the value of every virtual goods company, has its first victim. As of yesterday, Shukla was replaced by George Garrick, former CEO for gaming site Mochi Media. While a press release announcing Shukla's replacement fails to indicate her new role with the company, Offerpal Media's updated management page still lists her as a founder of the company.

Of course, Arrington had given the Virtual Goods Conference goers a heads up as he lambasted several of Zynga's real deals for virtual goods offers as "ScamVille." Zynga's CEO agreed with Arrington's points and immediately removed those "scam" deals from games like FarmVille, Roller Coaster Kingdom and Cafe World.

Even in the virtual world, actions are still stronger than words.

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