Man stabs himself to get out of working the night shift


What do you make of a guy who doesn't want to go to work so badly that he stabs himself in the leg? And then calls the police to report that he's been knifed? All so he can avoid working his shift at Blockbuster Video.

The Denver Post reported earlier this week that when 29-year-old Aaron Siebers walked into Blockbuster at the start of his evening shift, he claimed he had been attacked by three people -- skinheads, he said at first. Indeed, he had a deep wound in his leg and several lesser cuts.

A manhunt soon ensued, complete with police dogs. Then the police started finding holes not just in his leg, but his story, For starters, he claimed to have been attacked near a Target, but the cameras didn't pick up the incident or show any suspicious activity.

Siebers eventually recanted and admitted that he had abducted himself at knife point.