Questions and Answers - Thursday November 5th

At we continue to try and find ways to keep you informed and make sure you know that we care about your game play. To that end, we're going to post your questions and feedback along with our answers. We hope that this will both let you know that we're here, answering questions and care.

Q: I think the aol service sucks I'm probably cancel my subscription I have been with aol for many years can't get on the tournaments any more I'm having too much trouble and aggravation with the service with downloads.
A: We hear you and understand. Can you explain how you are unable to get to the tournaments? Is it that you cannot find them or that you cannot log into them when you find them. The more information you can provide us the better we can help.

A: So sorry and I have had the general manager of respond to you via email. We're working on bugs and will get all major bugs repaired as soon as possible.

Q: I only have a problem with the audio on my spades game. This has NOTHING to do with any of the response you sent me. Nor does it have to do with my computer or clearing my browser. Please have one of your capable technicians actually check on this problem rather than send me another canned response. Thank you
A: I do apologize for the canned responses. Many times those canned responses resolve 90% of issues. On occasion something is unique and we need to address it. I'll have to contact our spades game developer to find out what could be going on with your sound.
In the short term however, you should make sure that you have not checked off the sound icon in the game, your computers speakers are on, and that it is not on mute. I know it sounds odd, and you have likely checked these items but it can be worth it to check once more.

Q:Please help me. My subscription is up Nov.22 09 ..I try to renew it am not sure it renew or not .I don't want to lose my membership and stuff. Please let me know how things stand thank you. has only recently started its Download Club so I believe you are referring to a subscription. Help
In order to receive assistance on a Pogo related item you must go to their help section. and have no affiliation with each other whatsoever.

Q:Why is it so hard to sign out of this site? I have to click sign out several times before it FINALLY will do it!!
Sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time logging out. You should be able to go the main page of and click log out from the top left corner of the site.
If you continue to have issues logging out, you can simply clear your browsers cache and you'll be automatically logged out of any and all sites you are logged into.

It's been several months since AOL took over management of the game site. It's still not working the way it should and I am about fed up. Sometimes I have to "sign in" and sometimes not. Today it asked that I sign in but there was nowhere to click to "go". Then when I finally got to the game sign I've designated as "favorite", the game and chat did not come up. Come on! I'm paying close to $30 a month for AOL and this is ridiculous! As a paying AOL subscriber I should NOT have to go through all this to play games that AOL offers.
A: You are right and you should be fed up. The bugs on our site have been a problem for quite a while. Unfortunately, there are some members who experience a heck of a lot more bugs than others. We try and prioritize and fix as many bugs as we can, that affect as many people as possible. It is not an easy task and WE HAVE TO GET BETTER AT IT.
Our main focus right now, after all the changes of the last 4 months is to fix all the bugs – all the bugs. We're working as hard and as long as we can.
We know you have a choice in where to play online games and we appreciate your continued patience as we work toward stomping out the final bugs.

Q: What is wrong with classic solitaire? Thanks, NK
A: I am not sure. You'll need to tell me what sort of issues you are having so that we can identify, prioritize and repair whatever issue you are having.

Q: Unable to play Luxor keep getting download and install of game cab failed
Please explain what to do this is the only game that this comes up on.
A. The reason you are having such a hard time with Luxor is that it is an Active X game. Active X is a piece of software that is used by Microsoft to allow certain types of software to run on their Internet Explorer browser. Active X only works on IE and you have to use Explorer to play the game. You may need to download the latest version of Active X to make sure the game works. I suggest you use Internet Explorer to play the game and not the AOL client.
Q: No...I was not. My regular FISHDOM game which I have had for a long time now is aborting every time I try to play. I NEED my game. I do not know if I put to many fish in the tank or whatever but considering I am at level1200 something on the one I am playing it should be fine. I want to know what is going on and how it can be fixed.
A: I am assuming this is for a download version of the game you purchased. Unfortunately, it sounds like something in the download game has become corrupted. The best thing to do in this case is likely to uninstall the game and re-install it.
If you need more help with your download game, check out our Download Help Section here:

Q: Trying to determine if my chat privileges have been revoked. I can't see the lobby screen and can't access chat. The screens are blank and kind of grayed out. It may be just my computer but, I don't know. Please advise
A: As far as I know you have not have your chat revoked. It is very likely that the sites chat system is just not working for your computer at the moment.
The best thing to do is clear your browsers cache, close all your browsers and start again.
If you continue to have an issue you may need to update your flash
For information on how to clear your browser cache check out

Q: I can not get on to play
A: An important question that needs more information – generally if you are having a hard time getting into our site you should do the following.
  1. Log in from on the top right of the screen.
  2. If you are having an issue logging in or getting a game to load, try different browsers to log in. (Why? Because if one is working and another isn't we can isolate the issue and repair it)
  3. If all else fails, clear your browses cache/cookies, close your browsers and start again..
  4. For help on these items check out
Q: I need to cancel my account with you. Please let me know how I do that.
A: has is for the most part, a free game site. You do not need an account to play and only in particular circumstances to you need to cancel anything.
If you signed up for the Download Club you can get help with that account here:
If you have a credit with World Winner our cash game provider you need to check out:
Lastly if you are simply looking to cancel your log in with AOL or AIM you can do that here:
Q: Luxor does not work. Please fix it. Look at comments.
A: We apologize for being unable to review all the game comments. Hopefully, we'll be able to answer your question here.
Luxor will only work using Internet Explorer. If you attempt to play while accessing the game via Firefox, Safari, Chrome or any other browser the game will not work. Luxor runs using a small piece of software that runs on top of IE called Active X controls. You must install and enable Active X controls for the game to run.
Please do the following in the Tools Menu to make sure Active X controls are enabled:
Internet explorer>tools>internet options>security...internet>custom level...scroll down until you see "Run activeX controls and Plugins" ...see if that one is checked as "prompt"... if it is change it to "enable"....ok>apply>ok
You may have to restart IE before it takes effect

Q:I can not get in to my gin rummy game and I am registered and have played for almost a year. What is the problem?
A: On occasion after lots of play of Gin Rummy the software that runs the game, Java, will collect too much information to the point that it will slow down the game. What you will need to do is clear your java cache. For how to clear your Java cache click here:
Q: I cannot sign in. Whole page is rapidly blinking
A: This is a new bug that we are aware of and working and getting repaired. It is our understanding that it only affects players using a secureId but that is not entirely verified.
The best thing to do is clear your browsers cache and cookies close down your browser and restart. Once you have done that, go back to and attempt to log in again.

Q: I have reported this problem twice before. The issue has not been resolved. On games I play poker 5 card draw. When downloading it gets stuck at 56% downloaded. I am able to play other games. I think this is a problem with AOL.
A: I do apologize if we've been unable to give you assistance in a timely manner.
If you've encountered a Flash error message or can't view your game properly, you may need to update your computer's version of Adobe Flash Player- the program used to display the video, animation, and graphics in many computer games.
1. Check the Flash Player System Requirements to be certain your computer's hardware configuration is supported.
2. Ensure you are operating the latest version of your Internet browser.
3. Download and install/ update Adobe Flash Player.
4. Restart your game.

Q: I live in Canada and have AOL. I have no problem loading pogo games. Now I am in Florida for the winter still on AOL. Canada but using a laptop and I cannot get solitaire or 21 to load. I sign on to play and it starts downloading but never finishes. I can't figure out why this happens when nothing else on, my computer has changed. Please help, I miss paying my favorite games. Thank you I hope you can solve this problem for me.
A: The vast majority of issues with online games can be repaired by clearing your browsers cache and clearing your cookies.
You can find out how to do that here:
Q: I ordered FishdomH20 where is it?
A: Depending on where you have saved the game to, it could be saved to your Desktop, in the My Documents folder or in the Downloads folder of My Documents. Lastly you could do a search for it on your desktop.

Q: I think if AOL doesn't fix the problem with letter linker not loading, we are going to cancel. Very frustrated and feel we are wasting our money.
A: We apologize for the trouble you are having with Letter Linker. The best thing to do is to first clear your browsers cache and cookies first and close and restart your browsers. Once you have done that, go back to the Letter Linker game page. If you continue to have issues let us know and we will investigate further.
For instructions on clearing your cache review:

Q: Where is customer support center that you are directed to in order to find your registration number for games already purchased you want to download onto new system?
A: You should be able to access the Activation Code Retrieval site here:
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