Flora Flora takes hidden fees out of online flowers

flora flora web image
flora flora web image

If there's an online industry that likes to add to your purchase price with fees more than Ticketmaster, it has to be online flower-sale companies. It's nothing for a $30 birthday celebration bouquet to turn into a $50 purchase by the time you hit the pay now button. Once you add in delivery fees, which can change on a daily basis, and other miscellaneous extras, you can easily spend another $20. But now a new company, Flora Flora, is shaking up the world of online flower sales with a pricing model that has no additional fees.

The company, which is part of the ShoeBuy business, launches today with "what you see is what you get" pricing on all of their flowers. The business model of avoiding extra fees and showing the true cost from the beginning may seem obvious to me and you, but in the flower market it's a rather "fresh" one.