Fabulously frugal feasts from the dollar store

Author Christiane Jory has created a companion DVD to her cookbook the 99-cent Only Stores Cookbook just in time for the holidays. Fabulously Frugal Feasts will show you how to create a holiday buffet that will feed seasonal foods to a houseful of guests for the same cost of delivered pizza. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The DVD has lots of delicious new recipes and helpful hints, as well as Christiane's own brand of gentle humor. The recipes are easy enough for anyone to make and they're printable, so you won't have to keep plugging in the DVD every time you want to try something. My cooking never strays much from plain old meat and potatoes 'cause I need easy. Having watched a couple of the videos, I've gotta say that these recipes look easy enough for even the kitchen-phobic to create.

Jory likes to make gourmet appetizers in the videos, which sometimes include things like artichokes and spinach. If you like to entertain, then this new release could have you rushing to buy the DVD and the 99-cent ingredients to make the recipes. For people like me, there are also easy-to-make comfort food recipes like chicken pot pie or the miniature pumpkin tarts from her original cookbook.

You can watch the trailer for the DVD, which will give you a taste of what's on it, including how to make a complete meal for four people with four bucks worth of groceries from the 99-cent Only Stores.

Critics have said that canned ingredients aren't as nutritious as fresh, and there are an abundance of canned products used in these recipes, but when you need to save money on groceries, you can't be that picky. Another thing that people have trouble with is the number of food products in dollar stores that come from China. This is an old beef, where dollar stores are concerned, and one that should probably be given a rest. I've got things in my cupboard right now that came from a regular grocery store and were canned in China.

Jory wants us to see cooking not as a chore, but something fun and rewarding and she certainly conveys that in her videos. She can show you how to make delicious meals that look as good as they taste. Fabulously Frugal Feasts is available on Amazon.com for $9.99 and could possibly be worth much more to you this holiday season.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes ideas and tips for home decorating using only items from the dollar store.

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