Downsize Your DVD Collection

First we got rid of your book collection. Now we're gunning for your DVDs! Get ready to box up your discs and fire up your laptop: there's a new (and free!) online video service in town.

While it looks like popular video-streaming web site may (or may not) move to a paid subscription model, new kid has just launched its own free service. Ostensibly aimed at kids, Jaroo has rounded up 50 beloved cartoon and live-action shows that will appeal to all age groups (even us really, really "big" kids).

Jaroo will hook an older audience with nostalgic fare like Inspector Gadget, Paddington, Madeline, and The Littles; while pleasing actual children with dozens of modern titles. There's even something to feed today's vampire obsession in Canada's popular Mona the Vampire.

Parent company Cookie Jar Entertainment has plans to quickly increase Jaroo's offerings as it digitizes its 6,000+ episode library. So go on and amuse your inner child for a while - we bet you'll be humming the Inspector Gadget song for the rest of the day.
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