Daily Wrap: FarmVille Cow Cake Found; Twlilight Movie Invades Habbo


Write, play, write, play, that's all I ever do. Thankfully, I have a plan to cut out the boring half of my day... work. So here's the days most interesting social gaming news from all the corners of the Internet that, when studied, will make you the trendiest person at work... tomorrow.

- The cake lovers at Zynga got pictures of another elaborate cake. Inspired by the company's most popular game, FarmVille. The story around the cake gives it a real global feel with a group of players from the four corners of the globe. Shipping slices of that cake must have been pricey. (Zynga)

- The film series Twilight turned a group of teen vampires into pop idols. With the second movie in the series, Twilight: New Moon, teens can expect to see and hear about flick before it arrives on November 20, 2009. They'll also get to play too, as the teen-focused online gaming site Habbo will be add movie-themed rooms, virtual goods including a dreamcatcher, a piano and the Volturi crest. Look for those items in Habbo, starting tomorrow. (New Media Age)

- Green is the new black nowadays as gamers are looking to save the planet, save money and save themselves. Soon, there could be an app for competing to see who's greener. Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril, which makes Smart Grid technology, says that his company is already working on an Eco Warrior game with a "well-known" California-based developer that will let players earns virtual rewards for real world conservation. Might be real funky to add that to my Facebook page, "Micheal is 33% less efficient today!" (GreenBeat)

- How bad did iPhone/iPod Touch players want an action online fighting game? Eliminate Pro from ngmoco (best known for its other games Topple and Rolando) hit 500,000 downloads. While the game is free, you can only play so much each day as your energy gets used up. Want to play more? Then you can buy more energy. Yeah, sounds like a drug deal if it wasn't so much fun to play. (Casualgaming.biz)

- Zombies might be the "in" thing but there are millions all over the world who still pay to live out their digital lives as an Orc in World of Warcraft. Now, a little part of social gaming is coming to WoW. Players will now be able to purchase in-game pets through the Blizzard Store. Only two pets are currently available for $10 each. There's a Paris Hilton joke in here somewhere... (Inside Social Games)