Cool Agents: New York Edition

It's not often you get heartwarming quotes and reassurances like "we think finding a home should not be the most stressful thing you do this year" on Realtor and rental agent web sites. Or how about: "There's a place for everyone. Not just a space that they fit into – but a real place."

Well, we agree! And we also think it's cool that their agents are musicians, artists and dancers. That's why Brooklyn, N.Y. Realtor/rental agents Reality Collective are the first installment in our new series: Cool Agents!

Here's what makes them cool.

Where they work: Brooklyn and Manhattan, N.Y.

Young Guns: The firm was started by 24-year-old Victoria Hagman, a former band manager who prefers to hire and train creatives over seasoned real estate agents

Who They Are: According to a recent write up in Brooklyn Based, the roster of agents includes Tina Fallon, the founder and producer of "The 24 Hour Plays"; musician/agent Dave Bunting owns a Brooklyn rehearsal and arts space King Killer Studios, where bands like Battles and These are Powers rehearse; Marisa Fazzina a makeup artist; and Elizabeth Adams a fine artist. Can we hang out?

Who They work With: Apparently anyone. They write on Yelp: "Our agents are happy to work with first-time buyers, people with troubled credit histories, owners of enormous dogs. We're not snobs, and we're not creepy."

Sample Listing: A 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath duplex (right) on Degraw Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with access to a large basement rec space for $1,800 a month. May sound like a lot, but that's actually not bad for New York.
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