How to Play Sorority Life on MySpace and Facebook

Whether you were a tried and true Greek or never dared to pledge, Playdom's Sorority Life distills the entire experience into a bite-sized game suitable for everyone on Facebook and MySpace. In the game, you play as a brand new sorority sister, who sets out to gain influence by throwing parties, buying designer duds and facing off against rivals. Of course, you'll need to recruit your friends to go big in this game. After all, what self-respecting socialite rolls without an entourage in tow?

sorority life on myspace and facebook

1. To get started playing Sorority Life, find the game on Facebook or MySpace and customize an avatar. You'll be able to change your sorority sister's skin tone, hair styles, clothing, then name her and send her off on her quest to rule the greeks.

sorority life avatar2. After your sister has been fully styled, the next move is to find friends (real-life friends on Facebook/MySpace) to join your house. You will be prompted to send out invites, and you'll need at least two house mates before you can start socializing in the game (key to building your influence).

3. Once your house is full of sisters, it's time to socialize. Score influence points by setting up theme parties, organizing a Freshman Icebreaker in the house, or take your socializing on the road -- on campus, off campus and out of town. Each task requires a certain amount of energy (you'll start out with 10 energy units) and when completed, players are rewarded with cash and a certain amount of influence. Certain missions will also reward players with special items -- such as a pair of designer shoes, handbags and the like.

sorority life socialize for rewards

4. Another way to gain cash and influence is going to battle with rivals. Instead of attacking with guns and goons a la Mafia Wars, your house gain an edge with the number of outfits and accessories in your inventory. Essentially, the goal is to out fashion your rivals. Tip: When first starting out -- it's best to battle people with houses that have fewer members than yours, so you're more likely to win.

sorority life rivals

5. Living this fab sorority lifestyle won't be cheap, so you'll need to get a job to pay for all of those formals and other must-have accessories. You'll have to start out as a dog walker (and earn $50 an hour) and move up to a dining hall assistant, a coffee shop barista and unlock more jobs as your influence grows. You can use that cash to buy clothes, formal dresses, iPods and other items required to organize social events and to win fights with rival sororities.

sorority life jobs

6. Like most other games on Facebook/MySpace, Sorority Life includes premium items, i.e. virtual goods that can only be purchased using real-life cash. To buy premium items, you must buy Brownie Points, which start at $5 (for 21 Brownie Points) and go up to $150 (for 700 Brownie Points). Those points can then be used to purchase limited edition items in the game such as the Laurent Conrad Side-Ponytail or an Aston Martin Vanquish.

sorority life limited edition items

7. As you gain influence, your character will 'level up,' meaning you'll gain points you can use to increase your sorority gal's Charm (which helps her attacks rivals more accurately), Popularity (which helps her defend against rival attacks more easily), Max Energy (which allows you to organize more social events), Max Confidence (which allows you to survive more fights with rivals) and Max Stamina (which allows you to launch more attacks on rivals at one time).

soroity life stats

8. If you need a break from spreading your influence with sisters, you can take a break by checking out the Catwalk -- a "Hot or Not" style game where you can vote on the best-dressed sorority gals. You can also check out the Who's Who's of Sorority Life, i.e. the "In Crowd," where you can see which sisters have the most cash or have won the most fights.

sorority life catwalk

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